Does American Airlines offer payment plans?

Does American Airlines offer payment plans?

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Does American Airlines offer payment plans?

Yes. The airline offers a payment plan called "Fly Now Payment Plan," which enables passengers to pay off the cost of their plane tickets over the course of six months.

Flying comes with its own share of difficulties, one of which may be financial limits. There are instances when you have an urgent need to go somewhere, but you do not have the funds necessary to purchase an airline ticket.

When you fly with American Airlines, you may take advantage of their convenient payment plans, which are adaptable. However, there is always a catch, and in this case, the catch is that the "fly now pay later" benefit is only available to people who hold a credit card issued by American Airlines.

The American Airlines credit card

American Airlines provides its customers with access to a diverse range of credit card options, such as the American Express® Gold Card, Platinum Card®, Delta ReserveTM Card, and Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card. Because each variety comes with its own set of advantages, it is essential that you pick the one that works best for you.

For instance, the American Express® Gold and Platinum Cards grant access to VIP lounges as well as additional benefits, whereas the Delta Reserve Card enables cardholders to accumulate points toward the redemption of complimentary airline tickets. Additional advantages, including as complimentary room upgrades and priority boarding, are available to cardholders of the Starwood Preferred Guest® program.

Because the fees associated with using each card are unique to that particular card, it is critical that you have a solid understanding of the specifics of each one. For instance, the annual fees for the American Express Platinum Card total $450. This amount is comprised of a $300 cost and a $150 fee associated with airline travel. On the other hand, you won't have to worry about having to pay these fees if you make it a habit to pay off your debt each month.

You will need to think about whether or not you are qualified to receive the card in question, in addition to the numerous costs that are linked with each card. Some credit cards have lower thresholds for the minimum amount that must be spent, while others have significantly higher thresholds. Before applying for a card, it is essential to read the terms and conditions in detail.

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How Fly Now Payment Plan works?

Customers can pay for their American Airlines trips in installments using the Fly Now payment plan, which is offered by the airline. The program was initially released in 2015, and ever since then, it has steadily gained popularity among frequent fliers. Customers who want to pay for their flight in installments have the option to do so, and the process of setting it up is simple and straightforward.

In order to participate in the program, you will need to make your ticket purchases on the airline's website. Once you've done so, you'll receive an email verifying your enrollment. From that point on, you'll have the ability to select one of three distinct options:

  • You will be charged $25 every month for the next year.
  • You will owe $50 per month for a total of 24 months
  • You will owe $100 each month for the next three years.

Following the selection of your preference, you will be prompted to provide your credit card information as well as your billing address. After that, you will be required to input the amount of your recurring monthly payment. When you have finished all of these procedures, you will be registered in the program and you will be able to start flying!

In addition to providing convenient payment arrangements, American Airlines also enables passengers to accumulate miles for each flight they take with the airline. You will receive a one-cent discount on each ticket that you buy for every mile that you accrue. Your accumulated miles can be redeemed for either free travel or cash back.

Payment platforms on American Airlines

You may obtain information on American Airlines' payment plans from a variety of different sources, depending on the country in which you reside. Affirm, Afterpay, Zip, Klarna, and PayPal Credit are some of the alternatives available to you here. Working with American Airlines is only possible for a limited amount of time due to the length of payment. This can only be done for a maximum of six months at a time.


You can access your afterpay payment plan by installing the Afterpay app. If you book your flight through a third-party website like Alternative Airlines, you will have the option to pay for your ticket in installments over the course of the following six weeks.

You will have made four equal payments by the end of this period of six weeks. The favorable news is that there will be no interest added to your balance. You just need to reserve your flight, indicating the route that you will take and the day that you will fly, and choose Afterpay as your payment option when you check out.


As a result of Affirm's partnership with American Airlines, customers now have the ability to book flights and spread out their payments over a period of time. On the other hand, these subsequent payments are subject to an interest charge, the percentage of which is dependent on the payer's credit score and can range anywhere from 0% to 30%.

Affirm charges interest at a flat rate; the interest is not compounded. Therefore, you can either schedule your payment over a period of time or pay it all at once to avoid the interest from accruing. Nevertheless, you are only able to book a flight. Affirm is not applicable for additional fees, such as those for luggage and seats.


You can split your fare into four equal installments when booking your flight with American Airlines. You need to pay the whole amount within 6 weeks, lest you incur late payment penalties.

If you make your payment on time, you only pay the amount indicated at checkout. However, the late or missed payment will attract heavy penalties.


When you fly with American Airlines, you have the option of setting up a payment plan. Customers flying with American Airlines can take advantage of the "fly now" payment plan, which gives them up to six months to pay off the cost of their tickets. As a result, they can kick back, relax, and take full use of their trip. On the other side, there are significant penalties for payments that are made late.

You will have access to other payment alternatives such as Afterpay and Zip if you purchase your flight with American Airlines through a third-party booking platform that accepts additional payment methods like those two.


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