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Mobile ID Is Now Available For Travelers With TSA PreCheck Thanks To American Airlines

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American Airlines

 A significant airline company in the United States, American Airlines, Inc. has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, which is located within the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. It is the largest airline in the world when evaluated by the size of its fleet, the number of scheduled passengers it carries, and the revenue passenger mile it transports.

Dealing with TSA PreCheck

Customers flying with American Airlines (AA) who have a TSA PreCheck membership can now breeze through airport security without any hassle. AA and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are working together to evaluate a mobile identification application that eliminates the requirement for passengers to carry physical boarding passes and identification cards. This means that consumers who are eligible for this service will no longer have to look for their belongings while they are carrying their luggage.

The App

Yesterday marked the day that the mobile identification program known as Airside Digital Identity became accessible for smartphones running either iOS or Android. Due to the fact that the program is currently in the beta stage, there are some limitations. In addition to the fact that the service is only provided at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and is restricted to passengers of American Airlines who have a valid membership in the TSA PreCheck program (DFW). In the latter half of this year, AA plans to roll out this service at TSA PreCheck checkpoints at a variety of airports, including Miami International Airport (MIA), Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA), and others.

Before You Set Out on Your Trip

The procedure of creating a Mobile ID is straightforward for eligible AA passengers who are interested in making use of this service. Travellers are required to snap a photo of their faces, scan their driver's ID or passport using the Airside Digital Identity App, and enter their AAdvantage number after installing the app.

The app will then validate the information provided by clients and compare it against the records maintained by each state's Department of Motor Vehicles or the NFC chip that is incorporated in the passport. Customers can then safely store their Mobile-ID on their mobile device until they are ready to travel, once they have been validated.

 At The Airport

The only thing that qualified passengers to need to do in order to share a QR code on their phone with the TSA while passing through security is to give their consent to share their American Airlines Mobile ID with them. TSA will then advise customers utilizing this service to look into a camera so that TSA's computer system can match the customer's encrypted image against their American Airlines Mobile-ID. Customers will be instructed to gaze into the camera after TSA has completed the matching process. According to the information provided by AA, "the complete process at the airport often takes less than five seconds."

Initiatives for the Future Integration of AA

The use of mobile identification is a continuation of AA's efforts to make the shopping experience more smooth for its customers. When speaking on behalf of American Airlines, Julie Rath, Vice President of Customer Experience, Loyalty, and Marketing, stated that "we are committed to making life easier for our customers' journeys," and that airport waypoints give huge opportunities for innovation. Through the simplification of the identity verification procedure, we are able to assist our clients in exchanging their stress for ease, all while advancing the travel industry closer to its goal of providing a completely seamless experience for its customers. Customers of American Airlines are already able to verify their identities at several international boarding gates thanks to facial matching technology provided by the United States Customs and Border Protection. In the not too distant future, American Airlines plans to implement a comparable system at additional domestic boarding gates, bag checks, and kiosks.


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