Paddleboarding in Split Croatia

Paddleboarding in Split Croatia

Paddleboarding in Croatia

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Paddleboarding is a fun activity that combines surfing and kayaking. It's a great workout and a relaxing experience. Standup paddleboarding has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and Croatia is now home to many standup paddling centers.  Paddleboarding is a favorite activity during Yacht Week in Croatia.

There are two main types of stand up paddleboards: sit-on-top boards and inflatable boards. Sit-on-top boards are typically used for beginners who want to learn how to paddleboard. Inflatable boards are easier to transport and store, making them ideal for travel. Both types of boards offer similar benefits, including exercise, relaxation, and adventure.

One of the best places to practice standup paddleboarding is in Croatia. There are several locations where you can rent standup paddleboards and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Here are some of our favorite spots:

  • **Krk Island** - Located off the coast of Rovinj, Krk Island offers stunning views and plenty of opportunities to explore. Rent a standup paddleboard from **Krk Adventure Center**, located near the beach, and spend the day exploring the island.
  • **Rovinj** - The city of Rovinj is home to many shops, restaurants, and bars. Rent a standup board from **Rovinj Water Sports**, located just outside the old town, and explore the area.
  • **Dubrovnik** - Dubrovnik is famous for its beaches, historic sites, and gorgeous views. Rent a standup from **Dubrovnik Watersports Centre**, located next to the Old Town, and explore the area with a friend.
  • **Zadar** - Zadar is another popular destination for tourists. Rent a standup at **Zadar Watersports Centre**, which is located near the beach.
  • **Split** - Split is a bustling city with lots of shopping options and delicious food. Rent a standup in **Split Watersports Centre**, just outside the city center.
  • **Sibenik** - Sibenik is a small coastal town with beautiful views and a long sandy beach. Rent a standup here from **Sibenik Watersports Centre**.
  • **Makarska Riviera** - Makarska is a small town with a beautiful coastline and plenty of activities to choose from. Rent a standup there from **Makarski Centar**.
  • **Cres** - Cres is a quiet seaside village with a long sandy beach. Visit the nearby town of **Vrsar** for more shopping and dining options. Rent a standup boat from **Cres Watersports Centre**.

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