The Travel guide for Costa Rica

Travel guide for Costa Rica

Travel guide for Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is a rugged, rainforested country with coastlines on both the Caribbean and Pacific oceans full of natural wonder. In spite of the fact that Costa Rica's capital of San Jose is home to cultural institutions such as the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, the country is known for its pristine beaches, volcanoes, and biological diversity. Approximately one-quarter of the country's land area is covered by protected jungle, which is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including spider monkeys and quetzal birds.

Costa Rica is one of my favorite countries I have visited. I celebrated my 25th Wedding anniversary in this beautiful country. We stayed at the Riu Guanacaste in the Guanacaste Province located on the Pacific coast. Costa Rica travel planning can be a challenging but fun and rewarding task. Enjoy this travel guide to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Vacation Video 

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Where is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is an important producer of delicious food, drink and tourism products. It comprises over 51100 acres of about 19700 sq km. Costa Rica represents roughly 6% of the world's biodiversity and nearly a quarter of its area includes protected jungle. It has more than 5.5 million people with San José as the capital and largest city with 2 million residents. The nation is located in Central America and its coastline is along the Pacific Coast and Caribbean coast. It is bounded by Panama and Nicaragua and is part of the pios island. In the western part of Panama.

Costa Rica Map


Why visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers nature at its best.  The lush rainforests, unspoiled beaches, and abundance of wildlife that Costa Rica is known for being among its many attractions. This is understandable given the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife – from toucans and monkeys to jaguars – that can be found here. There are few places on the planet where you can hike up an active volcano, zip line through cloud-covered rainforests, and surf warm turquoise waters all in the span of a few days. Exhilarating outdoor activities abound in this compact but diverse tropical paradise, which is ideal for families. Nature lovers will be able to explore dense jungles, while beachgoers will be able to relax on powdery sands. It's impossible not to be awestruck by the natural splendors that this "Rich Coast" has to offer. Exploring Costa Rica Northern Plains Recognized as the home of Arenal Volcano National Park, which boasts 75% of Costa Rica's bird population, the Northern Plains present endless activities for visitors. Nature is an essential part to any Costa Rica Vacation.

Costa Rica Volcano


This small Latin American country, on the other hand, has a different appeal for others: it offers a more relaxed way of life. The catchphrase "pura vida" is frequently recited by the locals, who are known as Ticos (or "pure life"). It is possible to observe this guiding philosophy throughout Costa Rica, from the cosmopolitan capital of San José to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

To truly immerse yourself in the good life, take some time to sit back and take in the breathtaking scenery. Visit the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where you can be surrounded by beautiful butterflies, hike along with the imposing Arenal Volcano, mingle with the locals in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, or simply relax in a hammock under a palm tree along the Nicoya Peninsula. We have a strong belief that you, too, will discover the pure way of life.

Time Zone

Central Standard Time

Central Standard Time is the second easternmost time zone in the United States and the third easternmost in Canada.

It covers all or parts of 20 states in the US and three provinces or territories in Canada. It is also used in Mexico and Central America.

About a third of the population in the USA live in the CST time zone. It spans from northern Canada and all the way south to Costa Rica near the Equator.

In North America, Central Standard Timeshares a border with Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the east and with Mountain Standard Time (MST) in the west.

Best Time to Go

The best time to travel to Costa Rica is determined by your travel objectives. If you're looking for clear Caribbean waters to snorkel in, choose a month with less rainfall, such as September. The central region, which includes the volcanoes and cloud forests, is also the best time to visit during the summer, also known as the dry season. From November to April, the roads are passable and downpours don't last all day or even all night. If you want to take advantage of low season rates while also avoiding the crowds, you'll want to visit during the wet season, which is usually from May to October.

Visit during the first two weeks of January for Palmares (basically, Carnival meets rodeo meets music festival), or during the week of Easter for the best cultural events in the city. Because Costa Rica is a Catholic country, many of the country's most important celebrations coincide with those of the Catholic Church. If you visit at any time of year, you can always see sea turtles nesting or hatching (both occur year-round), go zip-lining (which is available rain or shine), and learn how to surf (waves are always good).

Resort sunrise


What is the temperature in Costa Rica year-round?

Costa Rica is delightfully warm all year, with average annual temperatures ranging from 80° to 90° Fahrenheit on the coasts and 75° to 80° Fahrenheit in the countryside and on mountain slopes. The country's climate is mild and pleasant all year. The months of December to April have the most consistent weather. In most of the country, there is little to no rain during these months. The weather for a Costa Rica Vacation is unbeatable.

The weather in Costa Rica


Important things to know

When it comes to Latin America, Costa Rica is a country that is considered an entry-level. Almost everywhere in tourist areas, English is spoken and understood, and the United States dollar is accepted almost everywhere. Tipping isn't strongly encouraged, but it is greatly appreciated when it occurs. Before you tip, check your receipt to see if the establishment has already included a tip or "service charge," which is typically 10% of the total bill.

Despite the fact that unpaved roads can be extremely dangerous, especially during the rainy season, rental car agencies can be found just about everywhere. If you are unable to drive a manual vehicle, automatic rentals are readily available. On the contrary, it's difficult to find an outlet that won't work with a standard U.S. plug, so you won't need to bring an adapter with you when traveling. In addition, the voltage is the same. There is no need for converters.



Costa Rican Currency

Colon is the currency used (CRC)

($1 USD = 613 CRC; see the current exchange rate for more information)

Costa Rica primary language

Spanish is widely spoken

Spanish phrases

I am not fluent in Spanish: no como habla espaol

What does it cost: Cuánto cuesta es el costo

I'd like to...: Yo quiero...

Learn more Spanish phrases to get by.

International Dialing Code

+506 is the international dialing code.

The capital of Costa Rica: San José

Costa Rica international airports

International Airport

Costa Rica is home to two international airports, San Jose and Liberia. Both airports accept flights from the United States and Canada daily. San Jose International Airport (SJO), also known as Juan Santamaria International Airport is located in Alajuela. Alajuela is 17 km northwest of San Jose.



Entry & Exit Requirements

U.S. citizens traveling to Costa Rica will need a passport that is valid for the length of their stay in Costa Rica. Many airlines also require travelers to have a round-trip ticket before boarding flights to Costa Rica to ward off fines imposed by Costa Rican immigration. Travelers should expect to pay a $29 airport departure tax. Visitors can pay the fee upon arrival in Costa Rica or before departure. Check to see if the fee was included in the price of your airline ticket, as some airlines do add this in. However, it is highly recommended to pay in advance as lines can get long at the airport. If you're planning to stay longer than 90 days, you are required to apply for an extension to the Office of Temporary Permits. To learn more, visit the U.S. State Department website.

How do I get around Costa Rica?

Trains and buses: Following the earthquake that struck Costa Rica in 1991, the country is attempting to rebuild its train infrastructure. For the time being, buses are the most reliable mode of public transportation. However, because the government subsidizes the transportation industry, fares are kept low in most cases. For example, a four-hour bus ride could cost as little as $8. Choose "directo" buses if you want nonstop service. "Colectivos" are a cheaper and more adventurous alternative to taxis. Although they do not make an official stop at every location along the route, they do stop pretty much everywhere along the route.

While not as cost-effective as buses, taxis can be a cost-effective mode of transportation for those on a tight budget. The official taxis of Costa Rica are painted in the color red. The yellow triangle on the car's doors serves as a visual indicator that they are authorized and licensed.



If you're taking a taxi to or from the airport, however, keep an eye out for the orange vehicles. These taxis are the only ones that have been authorized and licensed to pick up passengers at the airport. It's also simple to reserve private car services or shuttles in advance on the internet. Drivers who approach you on the street and do not display the yellow triangle are most likely locals who are looking to make money by using their personal vehicles to transport passengers.

Uber is a ride-sharing service that has been operating in Costa Rica for several years; however, it is primarily restricted to major cities and tourist destinations. It's not a good idea to rely on it in more remote areas or during peak periods because it can be difficult to find a car.

Saving Money in Costa Rica: What You Should Know

It is not necessary to rent a car at the airport. The majority of car rental companies at Costa Rica's airports charge an additional 13 percent to their rates. It is preferable to reserve a car in advance from a company that is located in the heart of the city rather than at the airport.

Exchange money at the airport to get better rates. The exchange rate for American dollars is generally better in Costa Rica than it is in the United States. While you'll want to bring a few Costa Rican colóns with you to use for small purchases when you first arrive, you'll want to exchange the majority of your cash once you arrive in the country or withdraw local currency from an ATM once you've arrived.

Check to see that the meter is operational. In some cities, taxi drivers have earned a reputation for charging extra when they don't turn on their meters. Before getting into a taxi, double-check that the meter is operational or negotiate a flat rate with the driver to avoid being duped.

Costa Rican Money


Traditions and customs

People who live in Costa Rica (known as "Ticos" or "los Costarricenses") are well-known for their pleasant and easygoing nature. Ticos are known for being warm, welcoming, and living life to the fullest, and they frequently greet one another with a hearty "Pura Vida!" (meaning "pure life"). It is important not to be alarmed by their generosity and desire to please their guests. It's simple to blend in if you simply reciprocate kindness and embrace their optimistic outlook.

Although Spanish is the official language in this country, you'll find English speakers in the more popular tourist areas. A polite gesture that goes a long way, however, is the use of certain key phrases such as "por favor" ("please") and "gracias" ("thank you").

Choosing to dress in casual clothing corresponds with the laid-back Costa Rican way of life. If you plan to visit the country's rustic wildlife reserves, volcanoes, and national parks, you'll want to dress in loose-fitting clothing and sturdy hiking shoes. Because of the abundance of mosquitoes and other critters in Costa Rica's moist rainforests, you'll want to protect yourself with sunscreen and insect repellent.



The "Gold Coast" is frequently associated with coffee beans because of its climate. Additionally, coffee plantations can be found throughout the Central Plains, and many visitors enjoy taking tours of these facilities. High-end coffee beans, on the other hand, are difficult to come by because they are typically exported rather than sold locally.

Colombian colon is Costa Rica's official currency, and it is divided into 100 centavos (CRC). Because the exchange rate between the CRC and the US dollar fluctuates, it is important to double-check the current exchange rate before traveling. The majority of restaurants and retail establishments accept major credit cards.

When dining out, travelers should be aware that restaurants will automatically add a gratuity to their bill. Extra tips, on the other hand, are not uncommon; if the service is exceptional, consider leaving an additional tip. Expect to pay approximately $10 per day for tour guides and drivers.

Costa Rica's official religion is Catholicism, which is practiced by the majority of the population. Over 70% of Costa Rica's population considers themselves Catholic; however, the Catholic Church's presence is not readily visible to the uninitiated traveler, except during patron saint celebrations when locals throng to the streets outside churches for dancing, music, and delectable cuisine, to name a few.

In Costa Rica, you will have a few concerns about your personal safety. When traveling through densely populated San José, you'll want to keep an eye on your belongings and the rental vehicle. Pickpocketing and car theft are common in tourist areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

9 Must-try foods in Costa Ria

Costa Rican Food


Costa Rican cuisine is influenced by a diverse range of cultures, including Spanish and Caribbean cuisines. Here are a few of the dishes that you should definitely give a chance:

  • Gallo Pinto: A Costa Rican staple dish that is typically served as part of traditional breakfast and consists of rice, beans, cilantro, assorted spices, and, in most cases, cilantro; it is typically served with eggs.
  • Tamales: Steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf, a corn dough mixture filled with meat or beans is called a tamale.
  • Empanadas are stuffed bread or pastry that can be baked or fried and stuffed with meat, beans, and/or cheese, among other ingredients.
  • Twice-fried plantain slices that are used almost like a tortilla chip and are served with guacamole, salsa, and refried beans as well as any meat or vegetables of your choice are all possible accompaniments to patacones.
  • The dish of ceviche consists of raw fish that has been marinated in citrus juices such as lemon or lime and seasoned with spices, onions, salt, and pepper.
  • Tropical fruits include: Noni, Jocote, Rambutan, Malay Apples, Granadilla, Star Fruit, Sour Sop, Pejibaye, Cas, and a plethora of other varieties of tropical fruit. Make every effort possible!
  • Casado: A mixed plate consisting of rice with beans and plantains on the side, salad, tortilla, and your choice of meat or vegetables on the side.
  • Tres Leches Cake is a sponge cake that has been soaked in three different kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream, among others.
  • Coffee: Make sure to sample a lot of Costa Rican coffee! It's every bit as good as you've been hearing about it.


7 of the best places to visit in Costa Rica

Determining which attractions to visit in Costa Rica can be a daunting task! Listed below are seven locations we visited, as well as what they have to offer:

  • San José: The busy capital city boasts a rich history and delicious cuisine. We went on an Urban Adventure walking tour, which brought us to a few must-see locations and provided us with further local knowledge.
  • Tortuguero is a Caribbean hamlet with excellent wildlife viewing chances and superb Caribbean-influenced cuisine.
  • Santa Rosa de Pocosol is a little town with wonderful homestay families where you can immerse yourself in the culture and understand how the locals live. Intrepid Travel and the ties they have created with locals were instrumental in making this experience feasible.
  • Rio Celeste is a magnificent rainforest setting known for its blue water, waterfalls, and hiking trails.
  • Hanging bridges, hot springs, waterfalls, and a jaw-dropping volcano are just a few of the attractions in La Fortuna.
  • Monteverde is also home to the spectacular cloud forest and is a hub for activities like ziplining and horseback riding.
  • Manuel Antonio/Quepos: The ideal beachfront location as well as one of the best places to watch animals!


Costa Rica's 10 Best Resorts

Costa Rica's vast expanses of coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea provide ample opportunity for beach resort development. Eco-friendly resorts, a "Pura Vida" way of life, and adventure activities ranging from surfing to ziplining through cloud forests are all popular in this country, which also offers a diverse range of accommodation options ranging from barefoot luxe boutique hotels to five-star resorts nestled between the sea and the rainforest

When it comes to beaches, the majority of tourists flock to the Guanacaste region in northern Costa Rica, which is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the country. Many of the beaches, such as Santa Theresa, are well-known for their surf culture, and it is home to some of the most beautiful in the world. In addition, the wild Peninsula Papagayo is located in this region, where a few five-star villas are nestled among the lush jungle and coastal views. Accommodations can also be found in the charming Flamingo Beach neighborhood.

1. Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

Four Seasons


The Four Seasons Resort Guanacaste is located on the Peninsula Papagayo, in a stunning isthmus setting with two beaches. It is Costa Rica's most luxurious five-star resort. It caters to both couples and families at the same time. If you're traveling with children, there's a kids' club with its own pool on site that offers programmed activities to keep them entertained.

When it comes to accommodations, you may choose from a variety of options such as rooms, suites, and villas. These luxurious accommodations use stone, bamboo, or wood accents in their interior design and decoration. Even the standard rooms offer some form of ocean view, which is rare these days. Each of the one-bedroom rooms has its own private plunge pool, and there is also a three-bedroom villa available for bigger families.

An 18-hole golf course, three swimming pools, and four restaurants are among the attractions available on the premises. There is also a beautiful spa on the premises, where visitors can enjoy the sauna and plunge pools without having to reserve a service.

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2. W Costa Rica - Reserva Conchal

W Costa Rica


W Costa Rica is conveniently located across the street from Conchal Beach, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Guanacaste region. The international airport in Liberia is only a short drive away. Between mangrove mangroves and the Pacific Ocean, this relatively new five-star hotel offers a luxurious place to rest your head.

The W provides a variety of diverse lodging options, ranging from entry-level rooms with garden views to a treehouse room and our favorite, a corner suite with ocean views and a private plunge pool, among other things. All of the rooms are contemporary, with soft bedding and eye-catching artwork.

An outdoor swimming pool, a beach club, an 18-hole golf course, a sophisticated spa, and three distinct restaurant options are among the resort's amenities.

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3. Villa Buena Onda

Villa Buena Onda


The adults-only section All-inclusive Villa Buena Onda is set on a hilltop overlooking the gorgeous Peninsula Papagayo and its many green islands, and it is a lovely place to stay. This highly popular honeymoon location, which is particularly well-known for its outstanding cuisine, is located within walking distance or a short taxi ride of Coco Beach, which is lined with sidewalk restaurants and stores as well as a variety of other attractions.

Guests also have access to The Club at Coco Bay as well as the Beach Club at Playa Ocotal, which are both adjacent beaches. You may take yoga courses or borrow snorkeling equipment at both of these locations, and you can also use their fitness centers and swimming pools.

Only a few rooms and suites are available, but they are all spacious and comfortable, with either full or partial ocean views from large windows. In addition to a two-tiered swimming pool, there is a spa with a variety of good massage choices available on-site.

A wide selection of sports can be organized, from sport fishing to sailing, surfing to scuba diving and everything in between. Visitors can also plan day trips to the nearby Arenal Volcano, which is a major attraction in the area. The international airport in Liberia serves as a convenient gateway to Villa Buena Onda.

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4. Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo

Andaz Costa Rica Resort


The Andaz Costa Rica is set in a private setting on the Peninsula Papagayo, with 28 acres of lush tropical hills as a backdrop to the hotel. The whole thing has a jungle-luxe vibe about it. It feels like you're staying in a treehouse in the skies when you stay here, thanks to the genuinely distinctive, minimalist wood and glass design that blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor environments. They also include luxurious showers as well as comfortable mattresses with high-end bedding.

Three restaurants, two swimming pools, two small beaches, and a large spa are among the resort's amenities. There is also a fitness center on the premises. The property is so extensive that golf carts are used to transport guests between the main area and the accommodations, which are located in clusters of structures that are strewn across the grounds.

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5. Tulemar Resort

Tulemar Resort


Tucked away on 33 acres of lush gardens surrounded by jungle, Tulemar Resort on the Manuel Antonio coastline is a haven for nature lovers. There are several different types of accommodations. Because of the wide windows and balconies on the octagonal bungalows, it feels like you're resting in the trees, and you can hear the sounds of the jungle while you sleep.

Another alternative is to stay in one of the luxurious one-bedroom villas. These establishments are popular with couples because they feature a more sophisticated romantic atmosphere. From the jungle to the ocean, there are panoramic views.

Four swimming pools, four restaurants, a private sandy beach, and a concierge service that can arrange a variety of activities in the surrounding area are among the resort's attractions. Walking routes wind their way around the grounds, and they are definitely worth taking a trip down.

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6. Rancho Pacifico - Costa Rica Luxury Resort

Rancho Pacifico


Rancho Pacifico, located on a private 250-acre reserve surrounded by tropical rainforest and positioned 2,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean in Uvita, is a great place for an adults-only getaway. Romance is at the heart of this premium boutique property's design, which includes accommodations in spacious suites and villas that are adorned in stone and wood and include extra-comfy mattresses. Several of them have outdoor showers, plunge pools, and spiral stairs, among other amenities.

Here, you may have delicious and nutritious organic meals at the restaurant. In addition, there is a great spa with stunning views from the treatment rooms. Additionally, a variety of activities, such as sunset horseback rides on the beach and excursions to waterfalls, can be organized.

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7. Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel

Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel


Bahia del Sol Beach Front Boutique Hotel is a well-kept property with gorgeous gardens and colorful bushes on an uncrowded stretch of Portero Beach. The beach is black sand, and the ocean here is calm and perfect for swimming-surfers will have to look elsewhere to catch waves. There are lounge chairs and umbrellas set up for guests.

The resort has just 28 rooms and suites. All are done up with Costa Rican style and lots of brightly hued fabrics. Families are well accommodated here, as even the standard rooms can sleep up to four people. The suites come with kitchens. Bahia del Sol caters to active travelers, and there are free daily fitness and yoga classes. There is also a spa, a large swimming pool, and a restaurant on-site. The resort is also within walking distance of other restaurants in this part of Guanacaste.

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8. Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort

Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort


Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort is a luxurious eco-friendly facility located on the outskirts of the world-renowned Manuel Antonio National Park and directly on the beach. Keep a lookout for monkeys and iguanas in the beautiful grounds, which are home to a variety of indigenous animals. In addition to two beautiful beaches, guests can participate in activities such as cooking courses that are included in the charge.

All of the hotel's 38 rooms are unique in their design and size, with the best ones featuring outdoor hot tubs. All of the rooms have a modern design and are well-stocked with complimentary refreshments.

A spa with treatment rooms overlooking the Pacific Ocean, as well as two restaurants serving organic, locally produced fare that includes many Costa Rican staples, are among the resort's amenities. There are two swimming pools on the premises as well.

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9. Hotel Esperanza

Hotel Esperanza


Hotel Esperanza in Guanacaste is a welcoming boutique facility located just a five-minute walk downhill from Carrillo Beach. It is ideal for families and couples traveling together. The beach is fairly beautiful, and the surf is relatively calm. Featuring European tile flooring and wood furnishings, as well as incredibly comfortable beds with Posturepedic, double pillow-top mattresses and framed photography on the walls, the rooms are a bright and airy haven.

This hotel also provides accommodations for those with impairments, which is something that is not often available in Costa Rican accommodations.

A restaurant, a spa, and a swimming pool with a separate children's section are among the amenities. There are also alternatives for arranging a variety of activities in the surrounding area, ranging from snorkeling to volcano trips and sport fishing.

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10. Hotel Nantipa - A Tico Beach Experience

Hotel Nantipa


A surfer's haven, the elegant Hotel Nantipa in Santa Teresa is a must-visit. Just 15 bungalows and suites are available at this boutique hotel, which has a barefoot luxurious vibe and is nestled between a tropical garden and the beach. There is a distinct emphasis on surfing in this area, and many visitors come particularly to ride the point break.

However, even if you are not interested in surfing, there is enough to do in the area. Relax in the hammock outside your cottage or enjoy a refreshing plunge in the swimming pool on the property. In addition, you may explore the nearby Nicoya Peninsula on foot or by horseback; simply ask the helpful concierge for assistance in scheduling these excursions. When it comes to eating, there is a restaurant right on the beach that serves wonderful cuisine.

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Best All-inclusive resorts on the beach in Costa Rica

If you are into all-inclusive resorts, Costa Rica has plenty of its own and they are worth the money. 

  1. Dreams Las Mareas Guanacaste
  2. Villa Buena Onda, Playas del Coco
  3. The Westin Reserva Conchal, Guanacaste
  4. Barceló Tambor, Tambor
  5. La Paloma Lodge, Osa Peninsula
  6. Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica, Guanacaste
  7. Occidental Tamarindo, Guanacaste

Click here to learn more.


Best all-inclusive Costa Rica resorts for families

There are many excellent resorts that cater to families.

  1. Occidental Tamarindo
  2. JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa Costa Rica
  3. Del Mar Surf Camp
  4. Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica
  5. Barcelo Tambor Beach
  6. Fiesta Resort All Inclusive
  7. Best Western Jaco Beach Resort
  8. Dreams Las Mareas
  9. Hotel Riu Guanacaste
  10. Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort
  11. Margaritaville Beach Resort Playa Flamingo

Click here to learn more.

The Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Tropical rainforests, active volcanoes, vast oceans, and of course beautiful beaches characterize Costa Rica. Tourists can enjoy a variety of beach experiences in Costa Rica because the country's beaches are so diverse. People come here to surf, swim, and soak up the sun, as well as to simply enjoy the laid-back beach towns that dot the coasts of the United States.

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park, Manuel Antonio Beach
  2. Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste
  3. Guanacaste's Conchal Beach
  4. Dominical Beach, South Pacific
  5. South Pacific's Costa Ballena (Whale Coast)
  6. Papagayo Peninsula's Nacascolo Beach
  7. Nicoya Peninsula's Montezuma Beach
  8. Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa and Malpais Beach
  9. Nicoya Peninsula's Samara Beach
  10. Nosara Beach, Nicoya Peninsula
  11. Nicoya Peninsula's San Juanillo Beach
  12. Nicoya Peninsula's Ostional Beach
  13. Punta Uva Beach, Southern Caribbean Coast
  14. Manzanillo Beach, Southern Caribbean Coast
  15. Guanacaste's Flamingo Beach

Learn more about these beaches here.

Volcanoes in Costa Rica

When it comes to preserving the rich biodiversity that Costa Rica is known for, volcanoes have played a significant role in the country's preservation. Minerals are deposited into the soil as a result of volcanic activity, making the land fertile and encouraging the growth of the rain forest, which once covered the entirety of the country.  Here are a few.  

  1. Arenal
  2. Irazu
  3. Rincon de la Vieja
  4. Poas
  5. Turrialba

To learn more about the volcanoes in Costa Rica, click here.

Costa Rica Travel Tips

Are you traveling to Costa Rica for the first time? Here's a breakdown of what you'll need to bring on your trip:

  • DEET-based insect spray of superior quality
  • A high-quality, reusable poncho or raincoat that will protect your head, complete body, and day bag, if necessary, is essential.
  • A waterproof bag or backpack to keep cameras safe in the event of an unexpected downpour is recommended.
  • Hiking boots of high quality and water resistance
  • Activewear or apparel that is suitable for the outdoors or adventure
  • In order to participate in activities such as kayaking and tubing, you'll need swimsuits, boardshorts, and clothes that you can wear on top of that, if necessary.
  • Sunglasses, a hat, and any other sun-protective gear are recommended.
  • Binoculars and/or a zoom lens are recommended for obtaining a close look at wildlife.
  • Crocs or water-appropriate shoes for visiting waterfalls and activities like tubing
  • Quick-dry clothing so you aren’t soggy all day when it rains
  • Water purifying bottle or refillable bottle so you can refill at the hotel lobby
  • Laundry bag so you can easily keep your laundry together at hotels
  • GoPro or action camera to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments
  • Sneakers and a pair of easy-to-slip-on shoes like sandals or flip-flops
  • Using either a suitcase or backpack is fine
  • Be sure you have travel insurance that covers you for all the adventure activities you plan on doing.

More things to do when you visit Costa Rica

Here are some things you will definitely want to do during your next trip to Costa Rica.



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