Where Aruba is located

Where Aruba is located

beach on Aruba

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Where is Aruba located?

The island nation of Aruba can be found in the Caribbean Sea. It is a constituent country of the Netherlands Royal Family. To the north, it is border

Aruba is famous for its beaches, including the world-famous Seven Seas Lagoon. There are several other popular tourist attractions, including the Curacao Museum, the Aruba Botanical Gardens, and the Aruba Historical Society Museum.

Bordered by Venezuela; to the east, it is bordered by Colombia; to the south, it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean; and to the west, it is bordered by the Caribbean Sea.

It was given his name in honor of Prince Willem III of Orange-Nassau, who would go on to become King William II of the Netherlands in 1848. After the passing of his mother, Princess Amalia of the United Kingdom in 1849, he decided to give his son the name Aruba.

Oranjestad is the name of the city that serves as Aruba's capital. It is the most populous city in the entire nation. It can be found on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Over one hundred thousand people call this place their home.

Aruba is home to not one, but two airports. Aruba International Airport is the primary airport on the island. It is the principal port of entry for international travellers visiting the island, and it can be found in the capital city of Oranjestad. Another airport is located in the area, and it is known as Queen Beatrix International Airport. It is primarily utilized for flights within the country.

Map of where Aruba is located

 Aruba is located in the Caribbean Sea and is considered part of the South American continent closest to the country of Venezuela.


It was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples who were later displaced by Spanish settlers. Today, the population of Aruba consists mostly of European descendants, although there are still pockets of native culture.

Aruba has a population of about 45,000 people, making it the second most populous city in the island after Curacao, which is the country's capital. Papiamento, a creole language that evolved from Spanish and Dutch, is the primary language spoken there. German, French, and English are among the other languages that can be spoken here.

Cultural life

Aruba sign
Image by commons.wikimedia.org


Aruba is one of the many islands that make up the Caribbean, and its culture is an amalgamation of the various cultures that have occupied and lived on the island over the course of its history. These cultures include indigenous peoples from South America, descendants of African slaves, as well as Spanish and Dutch colonialists. Aruba is known as the "Party Island."

Government and society

The people that make up Aruba's government include a president, a vice president, and members of the cabinet. Evelyn Wever-Croes is serving as president right now; she was sworn into office in January of 2017. She is the first person of her gender to hold that role.

"Ode van Aruba," which literally translates to "Song of Aruba," is the name of the nation's national song. Pieter Scholten was responsible for the composition of the music, and Jules Van Heemstra was the lyricist for this song. In 1980, the tune was selected to serve as the nation's national anthem.


The tourism industry is the primary contributor to Aruba's economy. The island is home to a number of luxurious hotels and resorts, including the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the Hilton Aruba Resort, and the Royal Decameron Aruba Resort, among others. These hotels are popular choices for vacationers who wish to spend their time relaxing on the beach during their time off.

Agriculture, manufacturing, and construction are the three other primary economic activities of the island. The tourism sector is the most important economic driver, contributing close to sixty percent to the overall gross domestic product. The remaining percentage comes from a variety of other industries.


Aruba land
Image by commons.wikimedia.org


It is the smallest country in the Americas and is home to around 45,000 residents. Aruba is famous for its beaches, including the world-famous Seven Seas Lagoon. There are also several national parks, including the Aruba Botanical Gardens and the Aruba Butterfly Garden.

North coast

The north coast is a very popular tourist destination since it has a wide variety of beaches for people to choose from. Visitors who are interested in staying the night have their choice of a number of different resorts and hotels to choose from.

West coast

The leeward side of Aruba is its western coastline. This explains why such a significant number of shipwrecks have been discovered in this area. In order to protect themselves from the trade winds, which often came from the direction of the northeast, ships would frequently park themselves here. This side of Aruba is also popular with turtles. Between the months of March and July, enormous leatherback turtles make their way onto Palm and Eagle Beach in order to lay their eggs. Green Sea Turtles are regularly spotted near Westpunt and further along the coast, close to the hotels, throughout the entire year. Even though the reefs on this side of the island are not as abundant as those on the south side, you may still find some of them here. In most cases, there is either very little or no current.

East coast

The waters off of Aruba's east coast are said to be some of the roughest. Because of this, a great number of stunning beaches, rock formations, sea mouths, and bridges have come into being. These photographs were taken along the stretch of coastline extending from Bushiribana to Blackstone beach.

You will need a vehicle capable of four-wheel drive if you want to explore the area in the northeast. You can get by with a regular car after you go a little bit lower on the east coast, but you have to be careful of the sand roads and stones, especially when it rains.

You have the option of entering the park at Bushiribana and proceeding to the left until you reach the edge of the natural bridge there, or proceeding to the right until you reach the natural bridge that is considered to be the most popular.

You can view the three-armed bridge at Blackstone beach by either walking there in half an hour or driving there in a four-wheel drive vehicle from that location.

South coast

 The south coast is great for scuba diving.  Aruba's reefs, particularly those located along the island's southern shore, are on par with those found in other well-known diving sites in the Caribbean. One thing that sets Aruba apart from these other vacation spots is the fact that it boasts more than ten (yes, ten!) wrecks that are accessible to recreational divers. There are sunken ships that date back to World War II, such as the German cargo Antilla, which is ranked as the third largest wreck in the Caribbean. In addition, there are two airplanes, a pilot boat, a small oil carrier, and a great deal of other things.

What is the capital of Aruba?

Oranjestad, capital city of Aruba
Image by commons.wikimedia.org


There are two main cities on the island: Oranjestad and San Nicolas. Both are located on the southern coast of the island.

Oranjestad was founded in 1636 and is now the capital city of Aruba. It's the largest city on the island and serves as the center of government, commerce, education, culture, and tourism.

San Nicolas is located on the northern side of the island and is home to the Aruban Parliament. It's the oldest town on the island, having been established in 1716.

Both towns are connected by roadways and feature modern shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

Places to See in Aruba?

There are plenty of places to visit in Aruba, including the following:


Aruba is a stunning island located in the Caribbean Sea not far from the coast of Venezuela. Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, and Smugglers Cove are just a few of the beaches that can be found on the island of Aruba. In addition, there is a large selection of activities to choose from, such as scuba diving, snorkelling, horseback riding, and hiking.



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