luxury yacht vs cruise ship

luxury yacht vs cruise ship

Oceanscape yachts

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Is a cruise ship bigger than a yacht?

The yacht may visit all-new locations, depending on the vessel, the guests, and the time of year. Due to their smaller size than cruise ships, yachts can approach harbors that a cruise ship is unable to. While the yacht is in the shipyard or at the dock, the crew might benefit from time off.


Most people believe that renting a private yacht is a pipe dream that only the very wealthy could possibly realize. The majority of us who yearn for adventure and luxury at sea opt instead for a trip on one of the more opulent liners. When we arrive at a port, we might wistfully glance at the luxurious yachts but decide that, even with our decent earnings, renting one would be too pricey.

When Todd Beechey had that experience, he decided to start OceanScape Yachts. Todd and his wife dreamed of renting a boat one day while in Nassau on a cruise holiday; they even made jokes about winning the lottery. Todd and his wife walked around the superyacht port. They came to the conclusion that it would be too expensive and that it would stay just a dream, a pleasant chat to have on a warm Bahamian afternoon. However, the notion of hiring a yacht just wouldn't go away.

Todd wanted to actually find out how much it costs to charter a yacht and whether or not wealthy cruise ship passengers could truly make the transition to private yachts rather than leave it at that.

What he found—a little-known fact—is that if a group of you are paying for the opulent amenities on a cruise ship, you could have actually pooled your resources and rented a private yacht instead.

The luxury yachting experience is also getting more accessible as the industry expands and more ships flood the market.

Todd began renting beautiful yachts with his family and friends every year, and as a result, the concept for OceanScape Yachts—making the spectacular yachting experience affordable for individuals who had never believed it was possible—was born.


The cruise ship business is experiencing a significant increase in the luxury segment. We are aware that many of you already spend at least $6,000 or more per person, or $12,000 per cabin, on all-inclusive cruise holidays. We also know that many of you are spending more; in fact, 34% of guests on opulent cruise ships spend more than $7,000 per person. If you have friends who want to make the transition to a luxury yacht, that's a great place to start when planning a yacht charter vacation.

It's important to note that the cruise ship option is more cost-effective if you are travelling as a couple and don't want to go with friends or family because you would be responsible for paying the entire cost of the yacht charter. (We don't operate with the intention of deceiving you.)

The pricing comparisons start to get really fascinating when you travel in groups.

A private boat is allowed to accommodate up to 12 guests, but because 8 guests are more typical on the smaller end, let's start there to keep the comparisons fair. By pooling your funds with just three other couples, you and your partner may generate $48,000 for a yacht charter if each individual is spending $6,000 on a cruise holiday. (Of course, if you were to purchase a yacht with 10 bedrooms, you could raise $60,000, and if you were to purchase a yacht with twelve beds, you could raise $72,000 toward the cost of the charter.)

But keep in mind that unlike cruise ships, which are sometimes all-inclusive or almost so, private yachts require additional expenses for berthing, fuel, food and beverage, and tips in addition to the base fare. OceanScape Yachts offers an all-inclusive concept in order to maintain cost transparency.

So let's imagine that by employing the eight-person model and raising a total of $48,000, you can rent a yacht for $32,000 base rate with some additional cash to cover the frills.


For that type of money, you won't get ones like the ones you see on television with a helicopter and a huge lap pool, but you will get a wonderful luxury boat in the 80 to 100-foot range. It will most likely feature cabins that sleep eight people, however, a select handful may accommodate up to twelve.

The yacht in this size category often has two decks, a huge master suite, eating rooms, and the main salon that is really comfortable. The yacht will include a variety of water toys and AV equipment, and all of the cabins almost surely have flat-screen TVs and WiFi. The captain, stewardess, and private chef will all be on your crew for the duration of the holiday, as is only natural.

You can hire a yacht for about $40–45,000 per person if you pay a few thousand dollars more per person. At that point, you can expect to receive a larger, more opulent boat that is closer to the 100–120 foot range, especially on the older versions. With a boat this size, you frequently get a Jacuzzi, a master suite on the main deck, wider deck areas, and an upper salon. To increase the number of guests and save costs, you'll also have a larger crew and perhaps one or two additional cabins. However, keep in mind that the cost of berthing, fuel, and tips will also increase with larger yachts; plan accordingly.

Your group's overall vacation expenses on a boat of this size will be in the $60-70,000 area, which is still rather close to what they would pay on a luxury cruise ship.


We don't intend to disparage cruise ships, but private yachts are on a completely different scale of luxury. The independence is wonderful. Every day you'll discuss the plan with your captain, you can alter your mind at any time, and, most importantly, there won't be any of those dreadful orange boats returning you from a beach trip when you're just not ready to go. Remember that private yachts can enter the charming marinas and shallow anchorages that cruise ships cannot hope to.

On a private yacht, the chef prepares meals just for you and your family or guests. The yacht is supplied with all of your favorite items before you arrive and they are aware of your dietary preferences and any allergies. There are no buffet lines or strangers making small chats over supper; instead, each meal is served at a gorgeously furnished table on the deck.

The crew of a yacht respects your personal space while remaining discreetly available in case you need anything, making it an extremely private area to spend time with family and friends. Although butler service is often touted on a luxury cruise ship, it is only available in your room, and when you are out and about on the ship, you are just one of many hundreds of passengers.

Whether it's the deckhand teaching you another wakeboarding lesson, the cook preparing the fish you just caught for lunch, or the skipper taking you to that neighboring reef for a snorkel before breakfast, the staff on a luxury yacht are solely focused on you and no one else. Your cabin is always kept spotless and well-stocked with food and beverages by the stewardess or steward. The freedom, privacy, outstanding cuisine, and incredibly individualized service that yacht charters offer just cannot be matched by cruise ships.

You are but one more passenger on a cruise ship. You are the highlight of a fancy yacht.

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