Turks and Caicos weather in December

Turks and Caicos weather in December

Grand Turk

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One of the most idyllic Caribbean islands is the Turks and Caicos Islands.  TCI is a highly sought-after Caribbean location due to its magnificent white-sand beaches, lavish resorts, good year-round weather, and the third-largest barrier reef system in the world.

The Caribbean island of Turks & Caicos epitomizes paradise.

Some of the cleanest and bluest oceans on earth encircle this archipelago of eight large islands and numerous small, uninhabited cays, which they lap against. Reapplying sunscreen should be the only task on your to-do list there.  Turks and Caicos are typically busy year-round. In December though, it can get really crazy. You can expect swarms of tourists and accommodation can become really expensive.

TCI weather in December

In December, the average temperature in the Islands tends to be between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius, although precise long-term forecasts of particular weather patterns are unattainable.  Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November. There is usually no rain or hurricane threat in December.

In TCI you will find December to be the busiest month, especially during the holidays.  Ensure that you make your reservations in advance during the Christmas season.  The TCI Islands are a fantastic vacation spot all year round. The destination's peak travel period typically lasts from the month of December to March. 

Additionally, the dry season in the Caribbean is throughout these months. Your odds of having a bright summer vacation are therefore extremely good. 

In light of this, it is advised to book your reservations well in advance, particularly if you intend to travel around the Christmas season or in time to ring in the New Year on a Caribbean island. Skipping holidays and school vacations is a good idea if you want to visit during the busy season but want to stay away from the crowds.

Island temperature in December

Beach resort
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December is the peak season as temperatures are warm at 81 °F.  By the end of the month, there is a sharp decline in the likelihood of rain.  The average temperature at night is around 70 °F making these perfect conditions for a tropical vacation and a wonderful New Year's Eve!

The TCI  is the best beach spot in the Caribbean for a holiday. The location is well-liked for a reason and lives up to your expectations of a tropical vacation. Anytime you travel to these islands, you'll have the trip of a lifetime.
Rains in December

The rainy season in Turks and Caicos normally lasts from the end of the summer to the beginning of the winter, or from late August to early December. The National Data Center of the weather reports that November has the most rainfall, with an average of 3.7 inches (94 millimeters) of precipitation. As a result, you might want to avoid visiting the islands at this time.

Despite this, TCI has some of the Caribbean's lowest rainfall rates, with the Providenciales experiencing just one wet day per 8.5 days on average. There are just 5–6 rainy days on average every month, even in the wettest months. It's difficult to make a mistake here because of the nearly daily sunshine.

Major Events in December

1.  Junkanoo

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Junkanoo, the early-morning carnival-style New Year's Day gathering features live entertainment, costumed bands and dancing on the street.  From entertainment at the famous Fish Fry hosted by the Tourist Board to competition between other towns. Participate in the festival of cultures at the island by traveling to Turks and Caicos in the warm weather of December.

2.  The Muskanoo Parade

The annual Maskanoo street celebration takes place in Providenciales on December 26. Visitors can take advantage of a street parade, native music, island cuisine, arts, and entertainment, as well as the abundance of food, drink, and souvenirs available from local sellers.

3.  Christmas

It is the quiet time of the year and locals spend time with their families. You may spend Christmas on the beachfront if you go later in the month. If you want warm, but not scorching, sunshine, this is a perfect time to travel in the weather of  December.

Warm Water in December

Turks & Caicos has consistently warm weather, and the sea is no different.  The water is comfortable at 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and rises to the mid-80s in the summer. Due to the protected barrier reef that encircles the islands and breaks the oncoming surf, the sea is also rather quiet.

With temperatures that are almost ideal and conditions that are entirely dry, December has some of the greatest weather of the entire year. These months are ideal for kiteboarding, surfing, kiteboarding and windsurfing because they also offer better wind speeds and a choppier sea.

Beautifully warm and tranquil seas are the consequence, which is excellent for snorkeling. The TCI in December is wonderful if you like being in or close to the water. The sea is often said to be quiet and comfortable.

You will find rich biodiversity here.  Professional guides and tour agents can help you find the snorkeling spots where you can view the abundant biodiversity first-hand.

If you are really looking forward to smoking and diving then you need to ensure that you book well in advance as there are very few spots available.

In most cases, a good snorkeling tour will be superior to the excursion at any of the corals close to the beach in a number of ways. You'll nearly always have considerably better visibility, nicer reef and coral formations, and a higher possibility of spotting some of the bigger aquatic creatures.

Less nuisance of mosquitoes in December

Hiking along the shore
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Although mosquitoes are naturally able to live on the island, they only pose a problem in the event of flooding, which is uncommon in December.

Hence December is typically mosquito free and one of the best months to visit.

Additionally, trade winds often increase in December, which can significantly hinder a mosquito's ability to fly. There won't almost certainly be mosquitoes in tourist destinations like Providenciales.

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